I have many positive opinions from satisfied customers. Here is a presentation of some of them:

Paul... : "I used it and recommend it. Almost 3 hours of inspection, we detected about 14 defects. The seller decided to repair all of them at his own expense before the final sale. I will definitely use your services again in the future."

Marian... : "I highly recommend it to everyone!!! The best professional I know, very reliable and conscientious. Thanks to the thorough inspection of Mr. Piotr, I am happy with my newly purchased and dream car!!!"
Wiktor ...: "I heartily recommend. Mr. Piotr is not only a professional who will check the car at every angle, but also a nice and charismatic man. Reading the opinions about his work, I knew that I could count on a solid inspection, but what took place exceeded my expectations. The cars have no secrets from him. I know that when I buy another car I will ask for help again! "

Patryk... :  "The best advisor I have met. The method of checking and insight at the highest level. The best negotiator !!! Thanks to him I saved a lot of money. Thank you again, Mr. Piotr and see you soon"

Piotr... :  "Opinia wystawiona po ponad 12 miesiącach (20 tys przejechanych km) od kupna auta z Panem Piotrem. Jestem bardzo zadowolony!!! Najlepszy specjalista jakiego znam. Akurat tym razem skorzystałem z inspekcji zdalnej bez mojej obecności. Błyskawicznie wykonana usługa i co najważniejsze od razu po inspekcji dostałem obszerną fotorelacje z opisem wszystkich usterek. Wszystko zostało dokładnie i rzetelnie wyjaśnione oraz zostały przekazane porady co należy wykonać w pierwszej kolejności. A najlepsze jest to ze pan Piotr podjął się negocjacji i wynegocjował super cenę (cena inspekcji zwróciła się kilkukrotnie dzięki negocjacji)!!!"

Piotr ...: "I recommend Mr. Piotr with a clear conscience. Specifically, reliably and professionally."

Zbigniew ...: "I recommend! Very good contact. Professional car checking. Will I buy? I hesitate yet, but everything is explained."

Adam ...: "It was the first time I used such a service and I found Mr. Piotr on the Internet. He was on time at the commission shop, he checked the car in an hour and helped with talks. He showed all the repairs, even though the paint thickness was ok. commission, which found the photos from before the repair and confirmed the version of Mr. Piotr. The money was very well spent, I finally bought the car but it was 1900 zlotys cheaper. "

Tytus ...: "The car was very well tested. Mr. Piotr provided me with detailed information about the car, photographic documentation and a full summary of the Inspection. After considering the advantages and disadvantages, I was not entirely sure and did not decide on a given copy. Alone in my life. that I would not notice the leaks that Mr. Piotr saw. Fast deadlines are also an advantage. I heartily recommend "

Paweł ...: "Very fast, specific and professional help in checking the car before buying it. It turned out that the car I liked had many hidden defects or defects that the seller forgot to mention in the advertisement. Thanks to Mr. Piotr's help, I did not stand to be the owner of the problem "

Aleksander ...: "Mr. Piotr is a professional. In Volvo XC90, according to the seller, only the left front fender was supposed to be made. After checking, it turned out that the lamp was replaced, the driver's airbag was replaced because it had fired, the sill was made, which could result in a breach of the car's structure and there was something painted on each page. The owner confirmed everything and I thanked him and thanks to Mr. Piotr, I didn't get into it. "

Angelika ...: "I recommend a very, honest approach to the subject supported by specialized equipment. I used and I am very pleased with the help in buying the car. Yours sincerely, Mr. Piotr"

Jagoda ...: "I highly recommend it. The gentleman was on time, he did not make any problems with getting there, despite the long distance. The car was checked very carefully and reliably. It is worth using this service before buying the car."

Piotr ...: "I used the services of an expert for the first time in my life with a high degree of distrust. Mr. Piotr inspected 2 vehicles for me, one of them was rejected, and the other I went to see half of Poland with my friend, a mechanic. that the car is 100% compliant with the inspection and I decided to buy it! I recommend Mr. Piotr's services to everyone. Regards, owner of Citroen C4 Grand Picasso! "
Renata ...: "I recommend it with a clear conscience. Mr. Piotr checked the Renault Kadjar car very reliably. We are very pleased. After driving 3500 km, there are no objections. Nice cooperation and approach to the customer. Regards"
Ewa ...: "I sincerely recommend Mr. Piotr's services! Buying a used car is a minefield, so the help of an expert is invaluable. I cannot imagine buying another car without the inspection provided by Mr. Piotr, who is also a very nice and well-mannered person. "
Ziemowit ...: "Buying a used car for tens of thousands of zlotys is a serious decision. It is better to know everything about such a car than to live with illusions. The" eye "assessment is usually insufficient, and you pay for it for years. I know something about it, because yes I bought my previous car. Piotr is a professional in every way. He first assessed the vehicle I chose based on photos and information from the advertisement, and when it was said that it looks cool, I decided that we were going for a detailed inspection and computer diagnostics. Piotr picked me up with at the railway station in Poznań and we went on a 60-kilometer journey. We arrived at 11:00 am Auto-Advisor quickly got to work, then presented me with a detailed report on the viewed car. final price (effective !!!). At 2:00 p.m. I left in my new-used car, about which I know everything I wanted to know and everything I should know about. Sce alone or with a buddy "spec", I would probably leave at 12:00 and with a thinner wallet, and some things I could only guess :-) Moreover, Piotr is a very nice guy. I recommend it because it's worth it! "
Dawid ...: "Full professionalism in every aspect. Piotrek saved me from spending my life savings on a scrap cut by some comb. BMW 3 Series in M package, which as it turned out had parts inserted into the piece, and with the adaptive sports suspension. I will use it. from the services many times more. I recommend! "

Przemek ...: "Buying a used car is a lottery, so it is worth taking advantage of professional assistance in assessing the condition of the car. I can honestly recommend the services of Auto Advisor - in my case the verification was positive and the transaction was completed. The car was professionally checked by Auto Advisor in many cases. respects and the positive feedback largely contributed to the purchase. "

Krzysztof ...: "I recommend it if someone does not want to have a flaw after the purchase, Piotr has enormous knowledge and skills in what he does. And he does it with full professionalism. He helped me and I bought a dream car."

Adrian ...: "Service performed as agreed. Professional approach to the client. I highly recommend !!!"
Patryk ...: "The best advisor I have met. The method of checking and insight at the highest level. The best negotiator !!! Thanks to him I saved a lot of money. Thank you again, Mr. Piotr and see you soon :-)"
Maciej ...: "Thank you very much for your help in buying the car. I came from Bydgoszcz for Toyota Yaris - professional approach to the subject, great contact and extensive knowledge in the subject confirmed that it was a good choice. Car expertise explained step by step. these suitcases with specialized equipment I used the feedback on the internet and I was not disappointed.

I heartily recommend Mr. Piotr - a satisfied customer. "

Michał ...: "With a clear conscience, we recommend the company Auto-inspection" autopiotrex ". We are very impressed with Mr. Piotr's services. Very good and quick contact. Full professionalism of the service. We did not drown Piotr's money in a beautifully pimped out "gem". We keep looking for the car, and the next inspection only with Mr. Piotr. Class in itself. Greetings to prospectors from Gdańsk. "
Mentor ...: "Professional service of a man who has his job at his fingertips. I sincerely recommend and will certainly use help in choosing another car, because having such an advisor with him during the inspection managed to avoid a mishap in the previous choice."
Marian... : "I highly recommend it to everyone!!! The best professional I know, very reliable and diligent. Thanks to the thorough inspection of Mr. Piotr, I am happy with my newly purchased and dream car!!!"
Lunia ...: "Very professionally, reliably and accurately! Mr. Piotr shows things that cannot be seen with the naked eye and are inaccessible to a layman :-) He protected us against a very bad choice of a car, thus - he helped us save money in the future. For this very nice contact! "
Dawid ...: "PROFESSIONALISM is an understatement, Mr. Piotr already during the first conversation explained exactly what his work would be, including the exact costs. During the inspection of the TOYOTA RAV4, you could see a lot of concentration and commitment. Mr. Piotr spent a lot of time to make everything right See and also explain exactly what and how. During the expertise, literally every element and place of the car body were checked. To my surprise, the operating fluids were tested using professional equipment. I bought the car and thank you very much for its reliability and help. "
Szymon ...: "Amazing, I would say something more, but I was not at the inspection, and the greatest praise was given to Mr. Piotr from the car dealer himself, who was impressed by the professionalism and quality of the tested car."
Bartosz ...: "A very nice guy. Professional help, everything explained well and above all the price for such a service is ridiculously low because you can save a lot of money thanks to it. We ended up buying a car. I recommend"
Hubert ...: "Super availability, accuracy and review after checking."
Bruno ...: "Very good and quick contact. I did not buy the car but I am satisfied and impressed with the service :) The seller's jaw dropped. I recommend it, a worthy specialist. It's worth it."
Mateusz ...: "I heartily recommend, full professionalism !! Quick contact and professional help, thorough and reliable inspection of the car before buying"
Sławomir ...: "Professionally, quickly and very good contact. Some pickers on the auto trade have become clogged when the suitcases of the equipment spilled out of the trunk. I recommend it :)"
Przemek ...: "Before buying a car, I recommend the necessary knowledge and professionalism adequate to the price of the service!"
Wiktor ...: "A very reliable gentleman. I can recommend him 100% to all buyers, because he checked things that I would never think about and never look into some corners of the car."
Paweł ...: "Thank you very much for your help in checking the car. I recommend professional verification before buying the vehicle, express deadline, affordable price."
Krzysztof ...: "I am satisfied, I recommend it quickly, efficiently, Mr. from" Srebrna ":)"